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YFA 3220



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Made by members of the Humberside Police, this film captures the Grand Road Safety Pageant in 1948. The film includes footage of car inspections, a fancy dress competition, and accident and safety demonstrations.

Title-City and County Kingston-Upon Hull Grand Road Safety Pageant, Queen's Gardens Saturday September 25th 1948.

Title-Organised by Kingston-Upon Hull Road Safety Special Committee and Kingston-Upon Hull Accident Prevention Committee, Judged by Police and Ministry of Transport Officials.

The opening shot shows an inspection of cars being carried out and the camera moves in to show a close up of the engine. Men on bicycles are being inspected by a man with a clipboard before a British Rail Van comes under inspection.

The next shots are of a fancy dress competition which is also being judged. A large group of young children are dressed in a wide variety of costumes such as a nurse and cowboy. Many of the children are dressed up to look like victims of car crashes or widows.

Title-Judging of School Children's Fancy Dress Competition by the Deputy Lady Mayoress (Mrs I. Robinson), Mrs J. S. Wilson.

Awards are then given out to the winners.

Title-Presentation of Prizes and Awards by Councillor J.S. Wilson, J.P. and Mrs J.S. Wilson.

Title-Driving Thrills Cause Deadly Spills.

In this scene a parade of floats and vehicles makes its way along a road with lots of spectators. Following this is a parade of floats with nurses and doctors pretending to look after injured patients, a float on which a `fake' operation is being carried out, and a float which says `would you like to be the one to break the bad news', talking in this instance about a fatal car accident.

Title-Road Safety Display- How Accidents Happen by the Hull City Police Traffic Department Assisted by St Johns Ambulance Hull.

In this scene are demonstrations of how accidents can happen on the road. First there is a man running for a route master style bus whilst it is still moving. He falls, and the St. John's Ambulance members are then seen mending his wounds. Following this is a long shot showing two men on bicycles carrying a ladder between them. The danger is shown as a car comes around the corner and knocks them off. Again St. John's medical staffs are there to help. The final sequence shows a man crossing a road, a car pile-up occurring and a women standing nearby with a baby in a pram.