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YFA 1956



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Made by Alan H Pickard, this amateur film uses animation as well as other filmmaking techniques to depict a motor racing Grand Prix.  The film uses a number of intertitles to narrate the story.   

Title – Grand Prix Di Pozzo
            The race, the racers and their cars are the creation of “The Blower” of “The Light Car” – Now “Grande Vitesse” of “The Motor.” 
            Story and Production by Alan H. Pickard. 

The film opens with a calendar displaying the date – Thursday, 12th September.   

Title – Oh, to be in Pozzo now the Grand Prix’s there!  - for there is gathered the cream of the Speed Kings. 

There is a list of the entrants and the cars which they are registered to drive, all of which have comical names. 

Title – Rumour has it that Ternthe Petroloff, that greasy Pole, will ask the Marchessa della Lubrificazione for her hand in marriage before tomorrow’s race.   

Ternthe Petroloff approaches the Marchessa’s door.  He has with him a large bouquet of flowers and a ring.  He knocks and enters to propose to her.  She refuses when Mr. Petroloff shows her the ring he’s brought with him.  He tries for his kiss, but the Marchessa yells and attempts to fend him off.  Another driver, Odol Paraffini, overhears her screams, enters, and throws Mr. Petrolff out of the room.  She thanks the driver.  They both shake hands before Odol leaves to return to his room.  Intertitles displaying the dialogue are used during this scene.   

It is now the day of the race, and Petroloff sneaks into the pit to sabotage the other drivers’ cars. 

Title – Persistent trouble with the Formagio Magnifico lengthened the odds on a victory for Zuppo Minestrone. 

Title – Madam Ammonia Pergola (Peste) another danger.  Odds on her completing the course before night-fall have never been laid! 

The drivers prepare for the start of the race when Marchessa notices her steering wheel has come loose.  Before she has time to fix it, the race is off.  Following is a mixture of intertitles, live action, and animation with model cars racing around a track, all of which make up the race.  Petroloff is determined not to let Parafinni win.   

Unable to participate in the race, Marchessa returns to her room.  She changes from her racing suit and goes to climb to the top of some rocks to watch the race.  She uses binoculars in order to see the cars in the distance. 

The race continues through a clever mixture of live action and annimation.  During one of the final laps, Petroloff throws a can of oil on the track causing Parafinni’s care to slip on the track.  Laps behind, another driver is unaware of the oil spill and also slips on the bridge causing an accident forcing Petroloff off the bridge and into the ravine.  Just in front, Parafinni wins the race.   

There is a large crowd at the finish line cheering, and the Marchessa runs off the rocks to congratulate him with a kiss.  The film closes with Petroloff slowly making his way out of the river at the bottom of the ravine.