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The Lost Princess is a fictional film based on the Russian Princess Anastasia and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death. In the film she has escaped from Russia to Goole where she is subsequently murdered. Co-ordinated by Goole Town Council, the project involved a group of young people between the ages of 13 and 20 who researched, wrote, directed, filmed, animated, acted in and edited and performed an original score for the film. The film uses animation, intertitles, and visual techniques from the Silent Era of moviemaking in its modern production. The original footage was shot on super 8mm film, and the final film was edited using contemporary post production techniques.

Title: 'The Lost Princess' '1918 the Russian Empire'

Viewed through an Iris (an image shown in only one small round area of the screen), a young woman, the Princess, makes her way to a carriage. She exclaims:

Intertitle: 'Take me to the docks'

The driver doffs his cap and sets off.

Intertitle: 'The journey to the sea'

There is a map, on which, the journey to England can be traced.

Intertitle: 'After a long crossing the ship arrives in Goole'

An animation sequence shows a ship crossing the sea. A family arrives with luggage and is greeted by others. The ship is in dock. A man with an upturned collar knocks on a door, shouting out:

Intertitle: 'Butler'

The young woman opens the door and states:

Intertitle: 'Just over there Butler'

The man enters and grabs the young woman from behind. She tries to fend him off with her umbrella, but he pushes her onto a chair where she manages to take his watch as he stabs her to death. The man makes his getaway, passing through the unsuspecting people outside.

Intertitle: 'The cleaners check the cabin'

Two cleaners discover the body and rush outside to tell those gathered outside, shouting:

Intertitle: 'Inspector, Inspector'

The Inspector looks at the body and takes the watch which has been engraved with the initials 'H.W'. A police sign is shown and then a police, or court, room, in which the Inspector asks the shipping crew gathered there:

Intertitle: 'Does anyone recognise this watch?'

The crew passes around the watch, and the Captain recognises it, declaring:

Intertitle: 'Howard, its Howard's the butler'

The Inspector departs with his new information. At the home of the Royal Family, the family is sitting having tea. Two policemen arrive, exclaiming:

Intertitle: 'Arrest him!'

They point to the butler and chase him around the room before eventually catching and handcuffing him.

Intertitle: 'The case solved, the inspector relaxes'

The inspector sits reading a newspaper, the Selby Express and Howdenshire Gazette', of Friday March 17th. He comes across an article on 'The Lost Russian Princess.'

In the courtroom those present stand for the arrival of the judge, and afterwards, the court proceedings can begin. He points at the accused and asks:

Intertitle: 'Did you not kill the unknown woman found two days previous to this trial?'

As the accused has a flashback to the killing, the Inspector arrives and exclaims, pointing at the accused:

Intertitle: 'That man killed Princess Anastasia of Russia'

The people in the courtroom become agitated and talk amongst themselves as the inspector hands a copy of the newspaper article to the judge. The judge declares:

Intertitle: 'Guilty! And sentenced to death.'

The accused is handcuffed and led away. The Princess' coffin is carried through a church cemetery and followed by a group of mourners. The Inspector takes off his hat as the procession passes him.

End titles: 'Princess Anastasia was a real character.

She was the great grand daughter of Queen Victoria. Her mother once visited Harrogate. It is thought that she escaped the Russian Revolution, and the genocide of the whole of her family by getting on a ship, perhaps to Goole. She was never seen again.'

End Credits:

Goole Town Council and Duchy Parade Films Present

Cast And Crew of The Lost Princess

Written by Rebecca Stothert and Emma Gill
Directed by Rebecca Stothert
John Andrews - Inspector
Rebecca Ellerton - Anastasia
Luke Ericson - The Butler
Davic Kendra - Sea Captain
Beth Horncastle - Cleaner
Martin Ward - Cleaner
Kirk Argum - Camera
Samantha Hind - Animation Title Sequence
Ship Painting: John Andrews and Steven Anthony
Kirk Argum - Policeman
Emily Britton - Extra and Props
David Bunting - Policeman
Robyn Calswell - Magistrate and Camera
Amy Dawson - Extra and Crew
Emma Gill - Extra
Hannah Little Fair - Hotel Manager
Peter M Kershaw - The Judge
Jonny Pinks - Extra and Camera
Taryn Preston - Magistrate and Extra
Sophie Taylor - Hotel Guest and Extra

Sarah Abdenadher
Hayley Adams
John Bristow
Nicola Dixon
Madeleine Frost
Jonathan Rouse
Jo Scurll
Sally Shingles
Janet Tierney
Hannah Turner
Derrick Turville
Teresa Wallis

Fir Tree Equestrian Centre, Moss, Doncaster
Gato Theatre, Goole
Dunhill Road Community Centre, Goole
Sewerby Hall And Gardens
Goole Magistrate Court
East Riding Court Service
Goole Docks
Steve Swallow And His Boat
Waterways Museum
Goole Marina
Hook Road Cemetery, Goole

Thanks To:
Goole Museum
Peter Appleyard and Janet Tierney
Vermuyden School
Goole Gofar Community Transport
Goole Development Trust
Goole Community Store
Goole Community Warehouse
Fletcher's Undertakers
Janice Smith and staff at Sowerby Hall
Clare Hunt, Rachel Walker and all staff at Waterways Museum, Goole
Bill Lawrence
National Media Museum, Bradford
Sam Clark, Kodak
Jenny Deacon, National Lottery Fund

For Goole Town Council
Charlie Studdy
Brian Robertson
Helen Cotton
Steve Levoguer
Leanne Healy
Nancy Tapping

Local History Advisor
Brian Rust
Oral History and Script Development Paul Arrowsmith

Genre Advisor
Paul Vates

Yorkshire Film Archive - Alex Southern

Apprentice Film-Makers
Ciaran Cross - Production and Graphics
Joanne Eibin - Production
Duncan Laing - Production Management
Debbie Harman - Animation and Graphics

Charlotte Ockerby
Hannah Ingleby

Emma Renhard
Hayley Adams

Shaun Hepple
Darren Everitt
Susan Dixon

Post Production
My Bear Production

Recorded at Open Sky Studio
Dave Bainbridge Composer and Piano
Claire Mckenzie Clarinet
Alex Mckee Violin
Jonathan Penny Viola

Supported by:
Film Lab North, incorporating The Finishing School
National Media Museum