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This is a silent newsreel based on a true story of Dr A D Holmes who helped improve housing standards in Goole in the early 1900s, inspired by a 1920s Pathe newsreel held at the Yorkshire Film Archive. Co-ordinated by Goole Town Council, the project involved a group of young people between the ages of 13 and 20 who researched, wrote, directed, filmed, animated, acted in and edited the film. The film uses intertitles and visual techniques from the Silent Era of moviemaking in its modern production. The original footage was shot on super 8mm film, and the final film was edited using contemporary post production techniques.

Title: 'Dr A D Holmes: A Goole Yorkshire Study. To be precise, a man who changed Goole's quality of living'

The film begins with a mother and her son outside a house on a rundown terrace street. A well dressed man, Dr Holmes, knocks on one of the doors.

Intertitle: 'If you go to the basement barefooted you can feel cockroaches under your feet'

The doctor is visiting an elderly man, Mr Ellis, in bed. After stamping on a cockroach, the doctor examines the man and leaves him a bottle of medicine. The film shows a letter written by the doctor to the authorities complaining about the appalling condition of the houses. The letter is superimposed on an image of the doctor walking down the terraced street. Mr Ellis is shown in his bed with cockroaches running all over him.

Intertitle: 'Dr A D Holmes declares Mr Ellis dead'

Outside a building protesters gather carrying banners declaring, 'Change our Homes.' A woman arrives to speak to the protesters, exclaiming:

Intertitle: 'I have the gravest news to tell you'

Holding back tears, the woman announces:

Intertitle: 'My husband A D Holmes has passed away'

As the protest seems to die away upon hearing this news, the woman picks up a placard and joins the protest revitalizing their effort. A well dressed gentleman, the Head of Council, appears at the doorway of the building and declares:

Intertitle: 'I am very downhearted by the loss of Doctor A D Holmes' 'In his memory I shall rebuild your homes'

At this news, the protesters rejoice, and a cameraman arrives to take their picture.

Intertitle: 'God bless you Dr A D Holmes!'

End Credits:

Goole Town Council and Duchy Parade Films Present
Cast And Crew
'A D Holmes':
Written by Hannah Littlefair and Emma Thompson and Rebecca Ellerton
Directed by Beth and Martin Ward
Steven Anthony - Dr A D Holmes
Brian Rust - Me Ellis
Hannah Littlefair - Mrs Holms
Luke Erickson - The Head of Council
Jonny Pinks - Camera
Kirk Argum Mamera and Cockroach Maker
Emily Britton - Miss Peacock
Robyn Caldwell - Extra and Crew
Amy Dawson Extra and Crew
Rebecca Ellerton Extra
Emma Gill Extra and Crew
Ryan Leach - Young Boy
Taryn Preston - Extra
Rebecca Stothert - Extra and Crew
Emma Thompson - Props
Martin Ward - Crew

Sarah Abdernadher
Lindsey Barret
John Bristow
Andrew Dale
Henry Rendall
Hazel Rendall
Charlie Turner
Dawn Turner
Hannah Turner
Derrick Turville

Supported by:
Film Lab North, incorporating The Finishing School
National Media Museum