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YFA 515



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of the Rotherham Golfing Club Goodwin Trophy Cup.

(Col.) The film begins showing the club's flag flying, followed by a group of men practicing their putting on the lawn in front of the club house. A couple of army men stand watching in front of the car park. Out on the course, two players are warming up with practice swings. A man walks by wearing saddles shoes. There are club officials and spectators gathering on the course. Once the competition has begun, the players are then filmed as they take their turns with their caddies nearby. The skies are dark and overcast. A row of expensive cars are parked under the trees. The film follows the match as it makes its way around the course, followed by a large crowd being kept behind a moveable rope fence. Three men are then seen wearing red rosettes and smiling at the camera. The club flag is shown again.

(B&W) Mr Chislett is seen seated behind a desk, with people standing on the steps behind him and other club officials seated either side of him. He gives a speech, wearing a white band on his arm, followed by more speeches. A woman hands certificates to some of the players, with the on looking crowd applauding.