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YFA 4676



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Made by pupils of Newman School based in Rotherham - a special school for students with physical disabilities and medical conditions - this film uses stop motion animation and plasticine models to enact the biblical parable of the 'Good Samaritan' from the Gospel of Luke. The voice over work is done by the students, who put their own linguistic spin to the tale.

Title - The Good Samaritan.

The film opens with a close up shot of plasticine model portraying the thief. His animated lips move and a dubbed voice, played by student, says, "Right, I'm going to wait behind this rock and wait for a victim to come". A plasticine model portraying Jew walks along, passing model palm trees before being confronted by the robber. The robber hits him over the head and runs off with his wallet. The Jew is left moaning in agony on the ground with plasticine blood running from his head. A priest walks past totally ignoring him.

Title - Even the priest does not help.

A shot then shows the plasticine model representing the Good Samaritan.

Title -The Good Samaritan comes to his recue.

The Good Samaritan places the Jew onto a donkey that carries him away.

Title - The stranger takes him to a safe refuge.

A shot then shows the Jew tucked up in a bed, with Samaritan asking him if he's all right and the Jew thanking him for his kindness.

Title - A friend in need is a friend indeed!