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YFA 6058



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This is a film of the Golden Acre Road Race that took place in Leeds on 10th June 1956.  It includes footage of the competitors at various parts of the road race as well as spectators gathered for the event.  

Opening Titles:  Hughes Quarton Pictures Present
Golden Acre Road Race 10th June 1956
Organised by The South Leeds Road Club Under B.L.R.C. Rules.
Photography:  K. Hughes.  Sound:  G.R. Quarton.

On a bright, sunny day, cyclists gather at the starting line of the race, and the men are dressed in their club colours.  They set off from the side of the road where some spectators have gathered to cheer them on.  From a different vantage point along the race route, the cyclists are filmed as they turn a corner.  A few cars can be seen in the background, and there are spectators gathered along the route.  More competitors turn the corner and make their way up the slight incline.

At the next turn, the cyclists go past some brick buildings, a road sigh for Yeadon Airport, and what looks like a pub.  The race follows onto a winding country road with fields on either side.  A light brown car follows what appears to be the leading group of racers as other groups of cyclists shortly pass by the cameraman.  

Next the cyclists make their way up a somewhat steep incline.  Traffic passes on the road in the opposite direction, and it looks like the race includes another lap of the circuit.  Spectators line the straightway to the finish line, and they cheer on the men as they pass by on their bicycles.  A few men cross the finish line, and a green double-decker bus follows two of the cyclists as they race towards the checked flag.  

Now finished, some of the men rest on the grass.  A few pose and smile for the camera including two men from the same team who shake hands.  A few more of the cyclists race towards the finish line.

Title - The End