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YFA 2178



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This film is a record of an organised staff tour to Hastings by the Barnsley Co-operative Society. The film is accompanied by a commentary which guides the viewer through the journey.

Title | Going South

The film opens on board a coach, with the narrator explaining that the driver is heading to Hastings. The passengers appear in high spirits as they travel through the countryside. They stop for lunch at the Norman Cross Hotel in Peterborough before hitting the road again.

A poster declares that "You're in for a good time at Hastings at St. Leonards" to announce that the party have arrived. In Hastings there are shots of the city centre and the Chatsworth Hotel, as well as views along the seafront and across the pier.

Another sign can be seen that reads "Notice. Next Band Performance here at 3pm", and the staff sit in deckchairs to listen to a regimental band that are playing in the bandstand. The beach is busy as the waves hit the sea wall, and a girl dressed in tartan trousers looks through a telescope. Through the telescopic lens there is a shot of a woman sunbathing in a bikini.

Some members of the trip write postcards whilst some of the older men fall asleep in their deckchairs. Elsewhere, the holiday-makers take a trip on a speedboat before sitting down for a cup of tea overlooking the sea.

The next passage is taken at the Gannymede Children's Village in White Rock Gardens, where there are miniature timber houses and a stone church. In another part of the gardens a game of bowls is being played and a couple walk around hand in hand. There is then a brief shot of a man trying to feed grass to the swans on a pond, and more ladies drinking tea under a parasol.

Following this there is a shot of the cliff lift and panoramic views across the South Downs. The ruins of an old Norman castle can be seen on the cliff top and a couple look over the town and bay.

The next scene shows a fishing boat being dragged up beach using planks of wood to protect its hull. The fisherman's catch is loaded into wooden crates, while on the beach, a man dips his foot in the water and quickly takes it out again. The men and women are then seen wading in the sea with rolled up trousers and hitched up skirts.

The group then take a trip on an open-top bus with "Maidstone & District Motor Services" written on the side. They are given a guided tour of the area that includes old timber-clad buildings and a pub selling Fremlin's beer. The film comes to a close as the employees set off from Hastings and are waved off back to Barnsley.

Title | The Barnsley British Co-Operative Society

Title | The End.