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YFA 3093



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Made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, this film shows the Ramsdens and their friends on a day out in the countryside. Based in Leeds, the couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The film opens in the countryside of Goathland, and Betty is seen from afar taking a photo with a stills camera. The village then comes into view with a pond, village green and cottages.

Betty’s sister Freda and her husband arrive by car and are greeted by Betty.  There is a road sign showing Darnholm ½ mile away.  The group go on a countryside walk along a stream.   Betty takes a photo of a cottage. They cross over some stepping stones, and Freda does a funny dance across them before they all sit down.

There is a sign for “The Mill” and one for Goathland Railway Station, and the three of them walk along the platform, slightly overgrown with weeds. Freda and Betty joke about.

There is a sign for `Goathland Hotel,' and in the next shot, the group come out of the hotel and wander off across a field.


A small road winds though a picturesque village, and Betty, Freda, and her husband emerge onto the side of a steep narrow road.  A coach passes a car on the road, with the car rolling slightly backwards, followed by a postal van.

The group walks around the village, looking into the glass porch of Linden Lea, home of local writer and artist Douglas Reay, looking at his paintings on display.     They cross some fields, with Freda negotiating a stile and walk down to a ford (now paved over) on Beck Hole Road crossing Eller Beck.  The film closes with panning shots that capture the surrounding countryside, a village stream, “Incline Cottage” and some grazing sheep.

Title-The End.