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YFA 614



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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection of a family holiday to Scarborough and Whitby.  Also included on the reel is a Mickey Mouse film at the end.

The film begins on a campsite with a woman doing some washing up.  A large group of people are walking across a field.  Then three adults sit watching a group of children play with model boats on a pool of water on the north beach at Scarborough.  One small boy attempts to do a handstand in the sand.  Three men have managed to do a double decker flying angel in the lido, packed with swimmers.  Back on the beach, people sit on deckchairs.  People go around a circuit on novelty bikes.

The film moves to Whitby where boys look over railings onto the sea and walk up the 199 steps to the Abbey.  They stroke a donkey at the top near the Abbey, and look out over Whitby.  The film then returns to the campsite where a family have breakfast.  There is a brief film of a family playing in a back garden before we see a parade through a city centre from over the tops of the heads of the on looking crowd.

The film returns to the beach and views over the coast, before we see a family walking along a road and more of them travelling on holiday by car and at coastal resorts. Next they are with a miniature train, possibly at Scarborough.  They then go for a walk inland, passing a waterfall.

At the end there is a Pathescope film, Prelude Micky (December 1935).