Film ID:
YFA 625

G.L.W 1937 - 1938


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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection which features his family out on day trips and holiday in various places out in the countryside.

The film begins with two boys in a garden, and then a man lighting a cigarette.  Two women pick some flowers and the boys ride around on roller skates.  They are joined by another smaller boy.  The film switches to show crowds at a horse event with a hunt.  Boys walk alongside the hunters and their dogs.  The film switches again to show the two or three families sitting in the sun by a mountain stream.  Two boys clamber over the rocks and some small girls collect things from the ground.  They all settle down for a picnic before playing some games. 

Next, some are people walking around what looks like a large greenhouse, and then a street with a large hoarding (the writing cannot be made out), in front of a large building. Three children are playing, and the family have a picnic next to their car.  A man leans against a fence with a cup of tea, and a woman walks along holding the hands of two children.  The family seem to be visiting a park or the grounds of a country house which has a wall with the inscription, ‘God Save the King’.  Some children are playing, watched by adults, and then there is a sign for Piece Wood Road.  A large group of children walk along the road, and then have a tug-of-war.  There are adults as well at what seems to be a local event.  The children are being handed something, presumably prizes, by two adults as they file past a table.

Children have a snowball fight before there is footage of a family group walking along a country lane (without snow), and a man posing for the camera with a boy.  There are more people, possibly out on the moors.  A car drives past and again we are back at the camp site and the stream.  The boys place a glass container over a bowl, possibly having collected some fish from the stream.  The campsite and nearby houses are shown, with the family walking around a park lake.  There is traffic, including buses and a tram, in a built up area.  The film finishes with the family on Scarborough beach.