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YFA 1696



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Presented by Ian Nairn, this is a BBC film about the regeneration of Bradford after the World War II, and how, in his opinion, this regeneration has been a failure.

The film opens with a close up of a subway sign for Cheapside and Petergate. He then goes through the subway were there are people walking through from various different perspectives. The subway is shown to be dirty. Ian Nairn cites the subways as part of the ugliness of the new Bradford, which he believes lacks style.

Next is Forster Square which has been ruined by regeneration. Nairn talks about the Cathedral and the new ideas for opening everything up, the opposite to the old Bradford with its Victorian architecture. Nairn is at a newspaper stand. He is then looking at shoes outside a shoe shop and looking in shop windows.

There are general scenes of the high street which Nairn notes is one of the areas of Bradford that hasn't been ruined under regeneration and still retains a good mix of Victorian architecture and different kinds of buildings. Nairn walks through a field towards the deserted Horton Old Hall, a now derelict 17th Century building. He then talks to camera from the overgrown church yard of St Peters Church. The new buildings of Bradford can be seen in the back ground.

Nairn talks about the people of Bradford and how friendly they are. He notes that it has been easy for Pakistani immigrants to settle here owing to such friendliness. The film closes as he talks about how disappointing the new regeneration has been.