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This is two films made by Edward Warburton.  The first is of a family holiday to Montreal, showing many of the better known landmarks.  The second film is of a Traction Engine Rally at Castle Howard.

Title – Glimpses of Montreal
Title – February 1959, Photographed and produced by J E Warburton

The first film begins on the flight over to Canada, filming out of the window looking down on ice and snow.  In Montreal they drive through the city in the snow, showing various landmarks, including some animal statues made out of snow and ice, a leftover from the McGill University Festival of the Ice Queen.  Also shown is the new General Hospital and St Joseph’s Oratory.  They drive to Dorval and a new shopping centre with a packed car park.  They drive on again to the Jacques Cartier Bridge linking Montreal to the mainland, and over the bridge looking towards the St Lawrence Seaway.  The film finishes from on board the plane on the return flight.

Title – The End

Title – Steam Roller Rally
Title – August 1959, Photographed and produced by J E Warburton

The second film begins with the signs for the Traction Engine Rally at Castle Howard, and a field full of parked cars.  People wander around the grounds of the house, where there is a large marquee advertising Hammonds Ales.  Steam traction engines ride around a field and then close up shots of many of the engines (there is a full list of all engines on display in the background notes).  Some of the engines have a race around the field.  Two of the engines, Fowler and Princess Marina, have a tug of war.  There follows another ride around with women in the driving seats doing a slalom.

Title – The End