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YFA 93



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of the family at home and on holiday during the Second World War.

The film begins with a tour of the family garden showing in close–up many of the flowers.  Then a young woman poses, smiling, for the camera.  She is then playing tennis in the garden before trying to have a nap on the sofa indoors.  She is next seen collecting flowers from the garden.  The two sons, Peter and David are dressed in their school uniforms.  They sit over by the garden pond with the pet dog.  Then Mr Beardsell plays ball with two dogs on the lawn.

Intertitle – Glimpses of Holidays – May, 2, 1942.

Mrs Beardsell sits by the side of a country lane with the two cars, while son Peter is perched up a tree and is joined by his brother David.

Intertitle – A bird's eye view  

Looking down on the family picnic, the two dogs look up to the tree.  The boys come down and Mr Beardsell climbs up to the top.

Intertitle – The first picnic of the year.

Again the family picnickers are filmed from up the tree, and Mrs Beardsell makes an omelette, which they eat with bread.  An elderly woman sits with them, with a bicycle behind.  They have tea from out of a flask.  Back at home in the garden David is dressed as a cowboy.  He stalks an older girl who is hiding from him.  They mess around and roll around together on the grass.

Intertitle – A Children's party held at Riding Wood, September 3rd 1941.

Adults, and some children, are sat on a long table being waited on by a maid.

Intertitle – Tea outside is great fun.

The party is filmed closer up.

Intertitle – Even wartime rations can be inviting.

The food on offer is shown, including sandwiches and milk.  Many of the guests are shown in close –up.  One elderly lady is wearing headphones.  The party then goes on to play several games on the lawn.  One game involves pushing a bottle along a wooden board with a stick.

(B&W)  David and a small girl play together in the garden.