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YFA 5114



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This is a film of a family caravanning holiday in the Yorkshire Dales made by Halifax Cine Club member C.C. Thomas.  It all happens on the twelve birthday of Charles Thomas’ daughter Glenys, who is joined by several other children.

The film begins with two boys coming out of their house with baskets and loading them into the boot of the family the car, helped by their mother and older sister, Glenys.  They then all get into the car, along with their pet dog, a corgi.  Mother drives them off, and they stop in town for the children to get ice lollies.  They then drive to a field where they unload the car contents into a caravan where another family is also staying.  The two boys and Glenys run off to fetch some water from a mountain stream as it runs into a river.  As the two girls fill up their urns using small containers the boys play about.  They then take the filled up urns back to the caravan.

When they get back they have bacon and eggs.  Outside, another car arrives, and the adults sit on deckchairs, while the children go swimming in the river.  One of the dogs reluctantly joins them.  Some diving is shown in slow motion and then filmed going backwards.

The film switches to a birthday cake to Glenys', with twelve candles on it.  On the table there is a splendid display of cakes, trifle and other goodies. The children come running in and sit down to eat, with salad to begin with.  In the meantime, the adults enjoy a glass of sherry while sitting outside in the sun.