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YFA 3244



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This is a film which documents events in the Halifax area including winter scenes and Heroes on Parade after Dunkirk at the Gleddings (now a Prep school.)

Title - Organ Pipes

Opening with wintry scenes in Halifax, the organ pipes to which the title refers are large icicles which hang off of many of the buildings. The town itself is also covered in snow.

Title - Wintry Blockade

The trees are completely covered with snow as well as other parts of the surrounding town and countryside.

Title - January - May - Colour
June - July - Changed Conditions

As the snow has now melted away, the trees can be seen in full bloom.

Sign - Keep away - wasps nest!

The nest as well as the wasps swarming around can be seen.

Sign - The Combe

There is a honey comb with bees all over and around it. Something white is thrown on the comb which makes the bees scatter.

Title - cyanide + wasp = death (QED)

There are now dead wasps and a few boys pumping water into the area with a hand pump hose.

Title - Worry not, we're wettin' t'wasps

There is more with the boys with the hand pump hose in the garden.

Title - After the "wetting" at Dunkirk (a toy ship goes across the title card)

Title - Heroes on Parade - (by permission)

There are army boys lined up (possibly members of the home army?) who are performing many different types of marching drills. They parade around at the Gleddings, which is currently a preparatory school in Halifax. They perform a few different exercises and are inspected by the superior officer as they are saluting.

Title - Rifle Drill

Small groups of the soldiers take part in the rifle drill.

Title - Handball

The men play a game structured in the same manner as football, but instead they are using their hands.

Title - Open 'H'air cut

Some of the men get a hair cut outside.

Title - Up in the morning early

The men are doing jumping jacks and then line up for breakfast.

Title - YMCA (change to B&W)

The men can be seen lined up and eating breakfast.

Title - The End