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YFA 3240



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This film includes a boat trip to Scotland, a boys' camp, Halifax bus, a Council visit to the reservoir, and the last tram in Halifax.

The film opens with a band dressed in kilts and playing bagpipes. On a boat trip in Scotland, many people are gathered on deck looking out at the sights as they pass by. Off the boat, the travellers gather for a large group photo. After the photo, the group follows a band as they march down the street to the rail station. There, they check out a steam engine and also cross the tracks near where the "Cock 'o' the Nation" engine is parked.
The next portion of the film is a brief look at a boys's camp. There is a group of boys gathered together with their bags in the back of a truck which has just arrived at the camp. The rest of the camp can also be seen.
Oh a private hire bus from Halifax, the Council visits the reservoir. Walking out to a looking post, they take turns taking a look around before heading back onto the bus.
The final portion of the film documents the last tram in Halifax. It's very dark, but members of the press can be seen holding cameras waiting for the tram to begin its journey and capture the story. The film then follows the tram around on its final run.