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YFA 1707



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This is a two part film depicting the Glasgow School boy's trip to Canada. Arranged by a Mr Rhodes, the film captures the group taking in Montreal, Niagara Falls and entertaining themselves with physical activities on the voyage home to England. This reel is, in places, identical to reel 1706; however these images are in colour.

Title: Some colour shots.

The film opens with views from the passenger liner as it sails across the Atlantic en route to Canada. Now in Canada, there are shots of houses and countryside from the inside of a train. The train then briefly stops at a station called, Makville.

More shots show countryside rushing by from inside the carriage. In Montreal, the Bank of Montreal is captured, before the filmmaker turns his attention to the residential streets and houses. There are more views of bustling Montreal streets with trams and wide boulevards. The sequence concludes with sweeping views of the cascading Niagara Falls.

Title - Across the Whirlpool Rapids.

The rapids surrounding the falls become the focus for a time and a shot shows a cable car traveling above them. The group then stand in a line before the camera holding baskets of fruit, with the filmmaker getting close ups as they take bites. The boys are then shown by the sea, taking a swim and performing some impressive dives. A cowboy (in traditional get up) rides a horse and the horse is at times quite frenetic, bucking occasionally.

Title - The Rock Gardens.

Wide views establish the gardens and the boys walk around looking at the flower beds. There are then shots of some of the group stopping to eat water melon and peaches. Aboard a ship (back to England), the boys play various games on deck including egg and spoon races, blowing up balloons and boxing with a punch bag.

The film concludes with the ship sailing into Plymouth harbour, passing numerous smaller vessels.