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YFA 1706



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This is a two part film depicting the Glasgow School boy's trip to Canada. The footage is very similar to the Bradford Boys trip the year before. Arranged by a Mr Rhodes, the film captures the group taking in Toronto, Niagara Falls and entertaining themselves with physical activities on the voyage home to England.

The film opens with a group of boys who have climbed up onto the front of a train. Shots then show the interior of a carriage full of school boys, with one boy fast asleep.

Title - Toronto and district.

This sequence opens with the exterior of the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, and there are views of the street taken from above - presumably from one of the groups rooms. Shots show a fruit market and sellers stand by their stalls with baskets of peaches and other fruits laid out in rows.

Title - Niagara and district.

Several wide views show the Niagara Falls. A chain car (used for scaling slopes) takes the group up and the boys sit inside dressed in waterproof macs and hats. Views are then taken from a boat as it travels past the falls. A cable car travels across the ravine with spray hazing the air, with view from inside the car showing the falls yet again.

Title - Sampling Howard Fishers Products.

In a fruit orchard, the boys mill around the tree's snacking on the fresh produce.

Title - Kagawang.

Several shots capture a cowboy (in traditional dress) riding a horse and on occasions the horse bucks. The boys are then shown enjoying various other activities, such as baseball, diving into the sea, swimming and sun bathing. A boy wearing a kilt cleans his shoes, before the action switches to a ship, with boys seated outside on the deck reading and writing.

Title - Gymkhana.

Boys play various games on deck including egg and spoon races, blowing up balloons and boxing with a punch bag.

Title - Plymouth.

The film concludes with the ship sailing into Plymouth harbour, passing numerous smaller vessels.

Title - The end.