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YFA 3179



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This is a film which appeals for funding and support of the Sailors' Children's Society.

The Sailors' Children's Society (Produced by Barnardo Film Unit) Commentary by Miss Gladys Young

The film opens with a view of the docks in Hull. The commentary over top explains the purpose of the society which is to take care of the families of seaman if he or his wife should be unable to care for the family any longer.
Children are being brought to the Newland Estate and enter a home with people sitting around a table at mealtime. The senior children attend local schools while the junior children are schooled on location. Physical education is also important, and there are children playing with hula-hoops and participating in gym class. The children play board games, as well as participate in other activities such as boxing, football, cooking, painting, woodcarving, and scouting. At the end of the day, it is time for bed and the children can be seen washing up before they go to sleep.
At the seaside home in Hornsea, the children come down the steps onto the beach where they can play outside.
Back at the docks, there is a ship and a tug boat and a final plea for donations. Children standing on a fence wave to the camera as the film ends with a closing title.