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YFA 2696



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This is a short film of the Sprotbrough village, located outside Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and opening of the canal.

Title - GK Presents.

Title - A spot of history.

The film opens with a shot of a car traveling down a street surrounded by dense foliage, and the car continues on, crossing a bridge. A woman walks along the banks of a canal, before the filmmaker captures a view of a barge. A man then hops off the barge and proceeds to push open the gates of a loch, while others stand around watching. The barge moves on and there are views of water rushing down the canal.

A young girl in a red dress then rides towards the camera on toy horse that has movable legs. There are then views of several cottages with overgrown trees around them. A close up of a coat of arms is then shown above a door. A street sign follows, before a close up of plaque reads 'Estate House'. There are views of St. Mary's church tower, which looms over the village, and the filmmaker gets more shots of the church's walls. The next passage shows the Sprotbrough post office, before a man walks down a path and looks at some very old derelict stone building. The final shot shows a woman cycling down a street.

Title - The end.