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YFA 1771



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This is the sixth of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his daughter, Gillian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers from Gillian’s 10th birthday and features Gillian out on trips with her family, including crashing waves at Scarborough, and her first day at senior school.

The film begins showing the cards and cake for Gillian’s 10th birthday.  Gillian and her friends  are out in the back garden where they are playing a game, with them all lined up and moving together as a line to each side on command.  They then play another game where they form a ring holding a string which they wave up and down, and with one girl stood in the middle.

The film switches to show waves crashing onto the beach at Scarborough.  A group of people walk along the front as large waves crash against the sea walls.  Gillian looks over some railings down onto the sea below her.  Two young men duck and dive as the waves come over the sea wall onto the road and soak them.  The sea is then filmed again in the evening when it has calmed down.  The family go for a ride on a horse and cart along the sea front. 

Back at home a 1970s blue liquid lava lamp is filmed.  People are sitting around the dining table where they are eating salad.  They then tuck into some nice home-made trifle deserts.  Candles are lit on a cake and they are blown out by Mrs Walton.

The film switches to a street where a large crowd has gathered to hear a candidate, wearing a red rosette, speak – presumably for the 1970 general election.  They are stood in front of a branch of the Keighley and Craven Provincial.  Someone has a placard declaring: ‘George for Mexico’.  They are next inside Gillian’s grandparents greenhouse looking at flowering plants.  Out at the front of their cottage Adrian shows off his Cadet cap.  Gillian and another girl run out of a public wc, opposite the County Hotel. 

They are next on a carousel, filmed from the ride as it goes around, and then in a park on swings.  Gillian stands up on hers.  There is also a roundabout in the park. They are visiting the Wildfowl Trust, Peakirk Branch’.  Then they are out on the moors, with the two girls paddling in a stream, and then at a boating lake, before a brief snatch of a visit to an airplane museum, possibly Elvington.  Gillian climbs a tree to pick apples.  She then goes on a dingy down a river where a man is fishing, and where they are having picnic.  She is joined by Adrian, and their trip is filmed partly from on board.

The film switches again to show Gillian leaving home for her first day at senior school with a satchel around her shoulder.  It switches again to show the family out walking in the Lake District.  Gillian and Adrian go out in a dingy onto the lake.