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YFA 1768



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This is the third of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his daughter, Gillian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers from Gillian’s 5th birthday through to her 7th birthday as well as her first day at school.

The film begins with Gillian in bed asleep, and then being helped to dress by her father.  They get into the car and arrive at Gillian’s first day at school.  Gillian walks down the road hand-in-hand with a small boy in his school uniform. 

Then it is Gillian’s 5th birthday party, and the children tuck into the party food.  Then the children are off again (see 1767) down through a field to a pond, with Adrian in his Cub’s uniform.  They hold up their jars with small fish in them.  Then Gillian is by the seaside wearing a cowboy hat and belt, eating an apple. 

Next we are at a civic event, with the Mayor and Mayoress giving a speech to an assembled group of adults, with children being presented with prizes.  After the speeches everyone walks over to a large marquee and a brass band strikes up.  Adrian gets on a small boat swing that he propels by pulling a rope.  Gillian is on another ride, and mother walks with the two children along the front at Scarborough.  They have tea at an outside table at a café.

Then the two children are throwing snowballs in their back garden, where icicles hang from a roof.  They help to clear a path through the deep snow from the front of the house   Adrian and Gillian are next seen with their mother playing in the snow up on the moors.

Then Gillian is in her classroom at school, sitting around a table with other children, drawing pictures to be hung on the classroom walls.  They are then out in the school playground. 

Next Gillian comes out of the front garden to join her granddad looking at the flowers.  In the back garden a group of children play topless in the sun.  Then there are some Pinky and Perky marionettes, some lighted masks and a stall for ‘Jumping Jimminies’, at a playground overlooking the sea.  These are trampolines which have been built into the ground which have children jumping on.  Mother has a go on a swing, and the children play on other rides, including a climbing frame and a steel bar roundabout.   There is also a section of a large clay pipe made into a shelter.

Cards for Gillian’s 7th birthday are set up.  Gillian walks around the house with her new bicycle.  She gets a helping hand from her dad to ride it in the back garden, until she gets the hang of it and rides round and around the garden freely by herself. 

Then, switching to the summer, Adrian and Gillian are out playing in the garden in their swimming costumes with another boy, and with Adrian spraying them with water from a hose. They jump about in an inflatable pool, while mother sits in a deckchair behind them.

The film switches to Adrian and Gillian playing with a remote controlled model boat in a small pool of water out in the country.  Then it switches to the Skipton Gala, led by a Highlands Band.  There is a float for the Skipton Charities Gala Queen for 1966, followed by the Richmond Toppers majorettes.  And then Adrian marches past with the Cubs.  This is followed by a float depicting the Stone Age.  Finally, the film ends with Adrian and Gillian having a go on ‘Michael Corrigan’s Skyline Ride’, being filmed on the ride with Derrick sitting behind his two children.