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YFA 1767



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This is the second of a series of films made by Derrick Walton of his daughter, Gillian, from birth through childhood.  This film covers from Gillian’s second birthday through to her fourth birthday.

The film begins with Gillian in the back garden before she is seen unwrapping presents for her 2nd birthday.  Gillian blows out the candles on her birthday cake on the table with bottles of HP and Heinz sauce.  Next she is out with her brother Adrian in the back garden in the snow building a snowman. 

The film shifts forward in time to show Adrian standing in the last remains of the snow and then to summer with children playing in the garden with tricycles, a peddle car and an inflatable water pool.

Now on to Gillian’s 4th year birthday, with children around the table tucking into the birthday cake and other tasty treats, such as Tunnock's Teacake.  Next Adrian, Gillian and another small boy, walk down a path from a house through a field to a pond carrying jars, which they use to collect tadpoles.  They carry their jars back to the house.  Gillian plays with a rabbit in the garden, and rides around on a tricycle (colour faded).   

Intertitle – Nov. 5th 1962 

There is a fireworks display with a Catherine Wheel, a Roman Candle and a bonfire.  Next Adrian and Gillian are on a fairground ride and then on a hand-powered paddling boat on a pond, before they are playing in the back garden, Adrian in his school uniform. 

It is Gillian’s 3rd birthday, and they see a Punch and Judy show performed in a park watched by children.  Then Gillian is in hospital with her arm in plaster and raised up in a hoist, being given Smarties by her mum.  Another small girl in the hospital is on a rocking chair with her mother.  Back home, with her arm in a sling, Gillian is being dressed by her mother.  Meanwhile Adrian is playing with a plane, with a bandage over his knee.

The film finishes back in the garden with the two children playing.