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YFA 1426



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Made during the 1940s, this film contains footage of Christmas parties. Children eat and play, and in the final scene, Father Christmas gives presents to children.

The very first shot in this film is black and white (emulsion year code: 1945), of a woman and boy, she wears a V-neck, patterned and belted dress with a brooch. Many people arrive for a party; they are standing around and socialising. One little boy dances a jig. All the children in particular look very pleased.

There is then a change to colour film (year code 1946). Children sit at a long table with cups of tea, sandwiches, and cake. Most wear home-made party hats. There is a brief sequence in which some children dance. Little girls sat in front of a Christmas tree laugh and chat. There are lots of young girls and boys playing and balloons.

The film returns to black and white. Father Christmas is sitting in front of the camera and a boy stands to his right talking to him. He bends down and talks to some children, and then dispenses gifts.