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YFA 4812



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This film was taken during a 1961 Blenheim Boys School trip to Germany and includes footage during their days out sight-seeing.

The film opens with the boys, dress in uniforms and blazers, standing with teachers and chaperones on platform at Leeds Central Station. Now inside the train, the boys wave out of the window, the camera looking out of window to the platform. The students sit in groups in a wood-lined, reserved carriage where they are playing and reading magazines.

Now in the ferry, the boys look over the railing, and there are shots of other boats and the shore as seen from the ferry. This includes the English coastline and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Now in Germany, there is a shot of the exterior of a church, the Cologne Cathedral. The camera pans up and down. This is followed by footage of a busy shopping street. Boys grouped together outside a men's clothing shop. Some are dressed in uniform, some are not. The boys disperse and walk towards camera, and there are more shots of Cathedral with people and cars passing in front.

Viewed from the interior of the train, scenic views of a river and bridge pass by. The train moves over the river and passes by people sitting on benches alongside the river bank. Inside the train, the boys are dozing by the window.

Next the boys are walking up hill. Some are carrying walking sticks, most have cameras with them. The camera lingers on a view down the hill when the boys have all passed by. The boys walk downhill towards and past the camera and the teachers follow close behind. They come to a halt in an area surrounded by pine trees where they mill about. Some sit in the long grass under supervision of teachers, and the view behind is of a German town, houses and a clock tower or church spire. There is a dam in the countryside, and the boys walk up a pine tree covered hill.

In the park, a boy with walking stick walking towards the camera, passes camera and walks into a camera shop/film developers. A cable car ascends the mountain, and the forest slopes behind. There is a shot of the park before returning to a closer view of cable cars. The boys play miniature golf in the park.

Goslar, Germany, and a group is walking away from camera down a busy street. Medieval walls are on one side of them, cars on the other. Views of area include: tram crossing, road signs for Hannover 79km away, Halle 137 km away, boys crossing street, flagpoles line street (flag of Lower Saxony (national flag with white horse on red shield) Danish flag, German flag, French, Swiss, German), leading to Hotel der Achtermahn. The boys wait at the railway crossing as steam powered engine passes. There are shots of Hotel der Achtermahn from slightly varying angles - modernist on one wing, stone tower in the centre, Gothic stone or timbered wing beyond.

The boys eat picnic lunches on the ground in a field - trees in the background. They walk down hill - sun dappled path from the trees, and pass houses, red roofs, rounded walls. Views of fields - people passing by on path - but too dark to see. The boys pose around a sign that reads Zonengrenze (Zone limit - border between East and West Germany?). After which, some stand around, leaning against red and white barrier. One of the teachers chats to a guard, and later the boys pose for a picture with him.

Boys are outside entrance to Hubertus Hof (black bird on yellow shield visible). There is a shot of a timbered building, and the students cross the street, some huddle together in the town square. There are medieval buildings and city walls behind them, grey and white, with an archway and steps leading upwards. This is followed by another view of square, tall timbered buildings in the background, statue of a lion on a high plinth. Shaky shots of ground.

Teachers and boys head to large glass fronted building - station? Gathered outside, they wait around on platform.

Next is an outdoor pool with high diving board, and a few people swimming about. Boys sit on benches, one in alpine hat, another stripping down to swimming trunks. Boys in swimming trunks swinging around maypole swing. Some line up to use the slide and diving boards, and the teacher keeps an eye on them from seating area beside pool. Boys dart around, and there are shots of the pool. Some of the boys are gathered together in a seating area where they pose for the camera.

The film closes with the students, dressed in their school uniforms, setting together with their luggage. They are outside a train station, waiting on a platform as the train approaches.