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NEFA 21784



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In this film railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson looks at contemporary rail traffic in Germany.

The opening view is in the countryside and a curve in the railway, where a large steam engine, seemingly covered in pipework goes past pulling a passenger train.

A tracking shot from a car follows a steam train (same as that just seen?) down a street where road and rail run parallel. A low angle view shows the engine's progress along an embankment and off into the distance.

A high angle view from a bridge shows a steam engine approaching on a single line through forest. Another low angle view as the same or similar train crosses a bridge made of steel lattice work. Another view from the trackside follows as the train peeds past on a curve.

Another low angle view shows the train emerging onto an embankment from a tunnel. Cut to the train making progress along a track at the base of a hillside next to a river. Another view shows it going through a busy rail junction with signal gantries over a number of rail lines.

From across a road which runs parallel to a railway line, a red and yellow diesel engine pulls a passenger train. It moves off into the distance towards a town.

Next to a car a man in a blue T-shirt looks at the camera (Chris Lawson?). The film ends as the camera is left running and there follows some heavily skewed angle shots of the front of the car.