Film ID:
NEFA 21773


1969 - 1973

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This film by railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson looks at contemporary rail traffic in Germany and railway activites at Shildon in County Durham.

The film opens with a diagonal view of the radiator and front end of a Morris 1100 car [presumably due to accidental operation of the camera].

A long distance view of a village follows located on a hillside in Germany. A steam engine approaches, a 'double header' [two locomotives pulling one train] pulling passenger coaches.

Another view shows a steam passenger train running along an embankment, and then into the distant countryside. A trackside shot captures another passenger train coming around a curved section of track which runs through a forest. The engine goes past the camera into open countryside. 

Next a riverside view and of a sailing ship coming towards the camera and passing under a bridge(?). A cannon is fired from the side of the vessel. The ship sails on and a better view of what is a suspension bridge emerges. 

Out in open coutryside and a steam train travels along an embankment, in a double header configuration. A high angle view follows of the same steam train travelling along a cutting. A low angle trackside view captures the same train again.

The film cuts to the engine sheds at Shildon where a number of steam engines are gathered surrounded by enthusiasts. One engine has a notice above the smoke box door which reads 'NELPG' [North East Locomotive Preservation Group]. The engine number is 4767 a Black Stanier 4-6-0, preserved at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and renamed 'George Stephenson'. A close up view shows an engineer working near the front of the engine.

A number of enthusiasts take photographs at this steam festival. General views show the extensive gathering of steam engines at this event, including the famous A4 Pacific 'Sir Nigel Gresley', resplendent in its blue livery. The camera pans around showing general views of the engines and enthusiasts gathering round taking photographs or filming.

The film ends showing a womans face although this is at 90 degrees to the vertical, probaly due to accidental operation of the camera..