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Compilation of amateur home movies of the Bond family from Newcastle upon Tyne and Whitley Bay, which include visits to the Hoppings fairground at the Town Moor in Newcastle upon Tyne, Alnwick Fair and a daughter's First Holy Communion in Whitley Bay.

No. 3
Home movie footage of visits to Alnwick Fair and children on the beach at Whitley Bay around 1973.

A small crowd in the market place at Alnwick Fair are watching a group performing on a raised stage with one musician playing double base. The focus in the crowd is on a woman dressed in black and white checked dress wearing sunglasses.

Musicians perform in front of the stage.

The woman in sunglasses carries a small child who claps the performers.

Close ups of the crowd, which include a woman in historical costume with a crochet shawl and parasol. More crowd shots follow.

A child rides in a model open topped double decker bus on a fairground ride.

The scene changes to the beach at Whitley Bay where a young girl plays with a dog by the sea, splashing in the waves.

Home movie footage of children playing on the beach at Whitley Bay and of a visit to the Hoppings fair at Town Moor and a procession in Cowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A small girl with a white ribbon in her hair dances for the camera on the lower promenade at Whitley Bay, whilst another looks through a camera. In the background people are strolling on the promenade.

Still on the promenade, the small girl strikes up ballet poses, the older girl with camera standing beside her. Their pet dog runs around with them.

The scene cuts to a shot of a new grave mound with bouquets arranged on top.

A family or friends with young children are strolling up a road. One of the women stoops to buy something for her child from a street seller. Other small impromptu stalls can be seen further up the street.

A family are in a hotel drive. The father, cigarette in mouth, makes a skipping motion and the two children follow suit.

The next sequence is filmed at the Hoppings fair on the Town Moor, Newcastle. Children go for pony rides and enjoy a ride on a small children’s roller coaster ride. Close up shot of fairground lights and children on a traditional “wave swinger” ride.

Children's jazz bands march down various streets in Cowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne. Each different group carries a banner. Girl majorettes twirl batons. One banner bears the slogan "Cunards" and sports the picture of a cruise liner.

Home movie footage of children's play on Whitley Bay beach in the 1970s.

Two children are playing and dancing for camera on the beach at Whitley Bay. Two men launch a small boat from the beach.

The children look towards a group of people gathered near the shoreline.

Children ride on an animal carousel ride at a fairground. [Dark footage or evening.]

Two young girls play to camera on the seafront upper promenade at Whitley Bay. The girl strikes up ballet poses.

Home movie footage of children's play on Whitley Bay beach in the 1970s.

Overhead shot of a young girl, with hair in bunches, as she runs along the lower promenade in Whitley Bay. She jumps from the promenade onto the beach. Various shots of the beach and sea, and two individual girls (Lisa and Tina) playing on the beach; one strikes ballet poses for the camera.

One of the girls takes a pony ride on the beach.

The two girls take a ride on a fairground carousel.

Shot of the pet dog running from the sea.

One of the girls rides on a swing boat.

The two girls run across the sands towards camera, the hotel at the corner of Promenade and South Parade in the background.

Home movie footage of children's play on Whitley Bay beach in the 1970s.

Footage of a young girl with her pet dog playing on the beach, drawing in the sand, and walking on a rock platform on the beach. She then climbs the steps from the beach onto the promenade and takes a ride on an animal carousel ride.

Home movie of a family trip to Lake Windermere, Cumbria, in 1975.

Family visit to Lake Windermere in the Lake District with travelling shots of the lake side and portrait shots of the family on the boat.


Brief sequence of children in uniforms at a fete around 1977 running towards the back of an outdoor stage before a Highland dancing demonstration.

Footage of a daughter's First Holy Communion in Whitley Bay around 1976.

Large gathering of family and friends outside the church at the daughter Lisa’s First Holy Communion.

Various close ups of Lisa in white dress and veil attached to a wreath of flowers, amongst the crowd.

A woman talks to the vicar.

Portrait shot of Lisa with another girl in First Communion dress and veil.

Various shots of mothers with daughters outside the church and walking along streets in Whitley Bay.

Altar boys leave the church after the Holy Communion ceremony followed by many young girls in their special First Communion white dresses and veils. They form a procession, adults to the rear, and boys carrying a flower draped sculpture of the Virgin Mary. (?)