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YFA 2868



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1953. The Cooper family are here filmed at a family member's wedding (Geoff and Vera's). Geoff was Ron's youngest brother - Ron being the film maker.

A slate board lies on a lawn. The camera focuses on the board and it has the words - "A wedding" chalked on it.
It then reads - "Has been arranged"
Then - "Vera and Geoff"
Then - "Saturday June 20th 1953"

Geoff and Vera, dressed in a white bride's dress and veil with a bouquet of roses, walk arm-in-arm over some grass outside the church. Mavis, one of the bridesmaids and a school friend of Vera, untangles the bride's veil.

The two bridesmaids (Mavis and Jill) with Geoff and Vera. Both bridesmaids wear 'baby blue' dresses with blue flower head pieces, long blue gloves, a pearl necklace and carry bouquets.

The whole wedding party stands outside St James' Church, Manston, Crossgates, Leeds. All of the women wear hats and overcoats. Mick (son), Jill (daughter), Dora (mum), Ron (dad), gran and grandad Cooper are all present. Many of the male and some of the female guests wear pink or white carnations in their buttonholes. As well as the bouquet of flowers - the bride carries a horse-shoe for good luck.

The wedding party all file past the camera. Mick plays with a young boy. The wedding cake with three tiers and a model bride and groom on top.

The bride and groom , bridesmaids, family and friends stand against a backdrop of fields and trees. It appears to be very windy.
There are group shots of the family, and of the guests with their respective partners, both outside the church and reception hall at Temple-Newsam House.

The Cooper family are together and Mick marches like a soldier.

The entire wedding party outside the reception hall.