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YFA 3682



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This film documents the Maypole Festival in Gawthorpe, a small village outside Ossett, West Yorkshire.

Title - Gawthorpe Maypole Festival 2nd May 1914.

The film begins with the May Queen procession led by two May Queen attendants. Both are wearing veils and riding on horseback. They are followed by several men on horseback as well as many walking. There are Shire horses and an advertising boarding which includes a poster for the Palladium. Crowds of people line the route watching the processing, and in the near distance are two Marquees, one of which has a Union Jack flying form the roof. The procession continues with a succession of horse-drawn carriages and carts, some of which are decorated.

The film continues from a different camera angle which captures the procession and crowds. A brass band passes in the foreground.

In the centre of the crowd is a small, raised platform on which children are standing. The film also shows all the people who have gathered for the event. The May Queen is standing on the raised platform surrounded by a group of men and women. One man makes a speech to the crowd. A woman then crowns the May Queen before a group of children perform a number of dances on the platform. The girls are all in white dresses.

A group of girls dance around the Maypole weaving intricate patterns with the ribbons. This is followed by girls Morris dancing. They are dressed in white dresses and bonnets and wave scarves as they dance. The boys then perform Morris dancing with sticks before a little girl does a solo dance.

The May Queen, sitting on a horse, poses for the camera. A man is seen standing, holding her veil. The film closes with more Morris dancing on the platform.