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YFA 3672



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Master craftsmen in York demonstrate their skills at recreating frightening gargoyles.

Paris, France and York, Yorkshire.

M/S view over the city of Paris from the top of Notre Dame, gargoyles on the foreground.

At York, a huge block of stone, more than the height of a man, is being cut with a huge saw. C/U chisel cutting into stone. Stonemasons are at work in their workshop chiselling out the faces of gargoyles, and other statues. C/U shot of stone being sanded down . The commentary mentions Geoff Butler and George Huby. The stone masons use Clipsham stone.

L/S York Minster Cathedral. Shots from high up on the tower, looking down. C/U shots of the stone work detail, the gargoyles and statues showing the grime, weathering and deterioration. C/U shot of a weathered statue of a mediaeval king.

Additional Information: John Duffield is the other featured mason.