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YFA 4651



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Part of the Jackson Collection, this film contains footage taken at a garden party in the 1970s.

The opening shot is of a garden party or fete, where lots of men, women and children walk around, buying things from stalls and having refreshments at a small outdoor `caf?'. There are shots from different parts of the garden watching people chatting and relaxing. A couple of children sit on ponies in one part of the garden. There is a panning shot taken from one end of the garden looking all the way around the fete/party.

The next scene opens with shots of flamingos wading around a pond and sitting on the bank in a zoo. There are shots of a variety of animals in their enclosures.

Some children play a game in the grassy car park and then the shot cuts to some children sitting on merry-go-rounds in an amusement park. There is another brief shot of some animals from the zoo.

A replica tall ship sails into a jetty; there are adults and children on it. There is a brief shot of some children playing golf in a park and then another shot of the replica tall ship sailing across the water.

The next scene is very overexposed.

Some adults play some ball games with a group of children and this is followed by shots of a woman sitting in the garden with a small baby. Then a man and a young boy join her and they smile for the camera.