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YFA 5744



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This is a film of a garden party at Sutton School for the Deaf, in Hull, and the children on an outing to Sewerby.

The film begins with boys in white tops and red shorts doing some gymnastics, headstands etc..  Some women and girls sit with ice creams, while other children and their parents are milling around.  A baby is being bottled fed.  Indoors, children with ear pieces are seated around a table having lunch.  Outside visitors are enjoying the sun on the lawn.  A girl is being whirled around by her mother.  Then there is a game of football in the school yard, with one side being the boys in the white and red kit. 

The film switches to Sewerby, where a group of children are on the beach, and clambering up the rocks on the shore.  Then the children and parents are seen on a coach before disembarking to visit a wildlife centre with goats, horses and other animals.

(on the film package is the address for Mrs M E Adams, 39 Northgate, Cottingham, East Yorkshire)