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YFA 136



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This is two films, the first of Noel Beardsell in his garden with his son and pet dog, the second a short portrait of the fishing villages of Barnmouth and Eyemouth, Scotland.

(Col.) Title – A tribute to the memory of Rudyard Kipling by Noel T Beardsell
Intertitle – Our England is a garden that is full of stately views, of borders, beds and shrubberies and lawns and avenues.

The film begins showing a fountain, and then Beardsell playing with a Great Dane on the lawn.  Various parts of the garden are shown, with flower beds and shrubberies.  Beardsell sits on a chair in the garden where he is reading a newspaper with his pet terrier lying beside him. He watches while his son David clears up the garden.  His wife picks a rose, and then many flowers are shown in close up.  Two gardeners are also at work.

Title – Two Northern fishing villages    110 ft
(B&W) Portrayed by Noel T Beardsell

Intertitle – Against the rugged north-eastern coast the waves beat ceaselessly.

Waves are beating against the rocks.

Intertitle – Approached by road the tiny village of Barnmouth looks quaint and homely.

A car (Reg. AKU 605) drives down towards the coastal village and along the sea front before stopping.

Intertitle – But times are hard and many hands are idle.

A row of men sit looking out to sea. There are fishing boats in the harbour, and a fisherman repairing nets.  Behind him houses are being built.  A man stands in front of a brazier holding a baby.  Another old man stands with a small girl in front of a large fishing net hanging to dry.

Intertitle – Eyemouth is larger – but trade is little better . . .

Two men repair their fishing nets while on their boats.

Intertitle – . . . and there are always hungry mouths to feed.

Seagulls flock around the boats as a boy waves a fish in the air. The boats sail off.

Intertitle – Visitors, like ourselves, bring a little seasonal prosperity.

Mrs Beardsell and another man sit looking out to sea.

Intertitle – But year-in-year-out their main living always comes from the Sea.

The film finishes showing waves crash against the walls of the village.