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NEFA 20447



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A compilation of home movie films documenting the Morton family picnics, walks, and visits to towns and attractions around the north of England. The film includes a trip to Seahouses beach, the Farne Islands, rambling along the Cleveland coast between Saltburn-by-the-Sea and Staithes, spring-time walking in Farndale Nature Reserve, and a visit to Bishop Auckland Castle Park.

A family eat a picnic beside a road and a canal. Tea is poured of out of a Thermos flask into green plastic cups.

View of the bridge over the River Tees at Barnard Castle.

The group of young adults run down a hillside overlooking a town below in the valley.

Close-up view of a man's hand stirring the water in a shallow stream, and tadpoles swimming around his fingers.

Views of another picnic, roadside and rural. Porcelain tea cups are laid out on the rugs with cake. Close-up of two women's faces, asleep after the picnic.

A family paddle in a river, then gather for a photograph sitting on a rock in the river a few metres away from the riverbank.

Views of the group posing for the camera on a park bench, and walking through a park, smelling the flowers along the way. The group board a three-car motorcade, including a Morris Minor and a red Mini.

View of a juvenile jazz band parading along a town centre street. The parade passes an Essoldo theatre.

A brief shot focuses on a man examining something on a beach beside old concrete anti-invasion defences. 

The group set-up a picnic beside their cars, parked alongside the dunes of a sandy beach - likely Seahouses in Northumberland. Close-up view of a woman opening a can of "Danish Plum Rose Ham" with a tin opener. The group eat strawberries and cream off porcelain plates. They then play a game of quick cricket on the beach, using a small racquet for a bat. The next shot shows the group paddling in the sea. Couples compete, amidst the giggles, in wheelbarrow races: first of all, women hold on to their partners' legs and steer, after that the men-folk do the same.

View of the group boarding a boat. They queue on concrete steps descending past Seahouses harbour wall. The boat rocks in the water, and a steward aboard the boat helps each of the passengers board.

Close-up views of the guano-covered rocks of the Farne Islands. Brief shots of members of the group stepping on to one of of the islands and wandering around. View of a red lighthouse. Close-up view of a bird, then of a woman holding a young chick in the palm of her hand. A child then strokes the chick.

Views of roadside picnicking: eating sandwiches, cake.

View of the rear of a caravan (registration SVN 270). The caravan is towed away.

Panning panoramic view of Saltburn-by-the-Sea beach and pier, followed by a general view of the route of a rambling walk southwards from Saltburn along the Cleveland and North Yorkshire coast. View of a beach and harbour wall - possibly Skinningrove. The group arrive in Staithes, and approach the seafront at the bottom of the village down Cowbar Lane.

The next sequence shows children sledging on a snow-covered field. Wintery scenes of the snowy landscape follow.

A Christmas tree stands in the front room of a house, Christmas presents stacked under and around the tree.

The following sequence records views around the North York Moors in springtime. A car crosses a ford at Hutton-le-Hole in North Yorkshire. Close-up shot of a sign reading, "Farndale National Reserve". Two women walk through the reserve beside a river, beck, or stream, daffodils thick on the ground.

The final brief sequence is of a visit to Bishop Auckland Castle Park, and views of the historic architecture.