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This is a film of the Gamecock fishing fleet, which sailed out of Hull. The film is part of the Hull Maritime Museum Collection and shows the trawlers fishing out in the North Sea in very rough weather, hauling in their catch, gutting the fish and boxing them.

Title - Deep Sea Fisheries

The film begins with lots fishing trawlers out in the North Sea in stormy weather, with the camera bouncing up and down.

Intertitle - Two steam fishing fleets are permanently at work in the North Sea at distances varying from 150 to 300 miles from land . . . The fleet shown in these pictures is the 'Gamecock' fleet - alternately commanded by 'Admirals' W. Jackson and C. Dixon. The Gamecock fleet consists of about 50 vessels, comprising 42 steam-trawlers six carriers and a hospital ship.

The film returns to show the fleet in rough seas.

Intertitle - Repairing the trawl . . .

Two fishermen repair the net at the die of the boat.

Intertitle - Another catch - - the meagre results of trawling all night in a gale.

A fisherman is passing boxes of fish from a rowing boat onto the trawler as he bobs up and down on the waves.

Intertitle - Many limbs are broken, and lives lost, in the desperately dangerous work.

Again, several rowing boats pass their catch to the trawler as they are tied to the side in very rough sea. The boxes are passed down a hatch below deck. Two fishermen hold up the repaired trawl.

Intertitle - Then the boards that buoy the trawl are dropped overside.

Two fishermen lower a board over the side of the trawler.

Intertitle - The trawl is held in readiness . . . and a steam-winch completes the operation.

A fisherman feeds rope onto a shaft that is being turned to lower the rope.

Intertitle - Operating orders are sent form the 'flagship'.

A ship with two flags is seen in the near distance.

Intertitle - A typical catch of fish.

The trawl is pulled on board and fishermen.

Intertitle - All alive and kicking.

A fisherman pulls a rope underneath the net to release the catch of fish onto the deck.

Intertitle - Gutting

The fish are then gutted by the crew on the deck. As they get them they are thrown to one side.

Intertitle - Gulls are keenly interested spectators, because they know that they will get the refuse.

Dozens of gulls hover nearby diving into the sea to get the left-overs. On board a fisherman stabs at the fish with a large fork.

Intertitle - Packing

The fish are then forked and shovelled into wooden boxes. Another load of fish is hauled aboard. Two fishermen furiously wave their arms (not sure whether this is to signal for the net to be hauled up by rope or just to try to get warm). Meanwhile the boat is being bounced up and down by rough seas.

Intertitle - Steward . . .

In among the trawlers are several rowing boats, one nearby with two men desperately trying to row the boat back to the trawler in heavy seas. There is a brief view to the rear of the trawler.

Title - The End