Film ID:
NEFA 12732



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A film produced by Durham Police Constabulary of the Country Land & Business Association (CLA) Game Fair at Raby Castle in County Durham on the 28th and 29th July 1971. The film shows police directing traffic through Staindrop towards Raby Castle where the fair is being held. The film also includes views of visitors walking around the site as well as views of various exhibition and service marquees.

The film opens on a large wooden sign placed in a field along Keverstone Bank road. The sign reads ‘Games Fair. Raby Castle Co.Durham. Fri 28th Sat 29th July”.

General view of the fairground seen from Keverstone Bank.

A road sign leading into the town reads: ‘Staindrop’. Attached to a nearby lamppost are two RAC signs that read ‘Clay Pigeon Shoot’ and ‘Public & Label Holders Car Park’. Near ‘The Black Swan’ public house three policemen direct traffic in and out of Staindrop.

The film cuts to Front Street in Staindrop looking west showing traffic queuing beside the church of St Mary the Virgin. Two policemen in motorcycle leathers and crash helmets direct traffic out of Winston Road into Keverstone Bank.

General view of a two road signs and a lamppost beside the church of St Mary the Virgin. On the lamp post is a sign that reads: ‘Game Fair’.

The film cuts to Keverstone Bank where police direct traffic into an entrance of the Raby estate near Langley Beck.

A police officer walks along Keverstone Bank. Two signs attached to a lamp post read ‘Members Car Park’ and ‘Label Holder Car Park’. Another two signs on a second lamp post reads ‘Auto Park Ltd. Members Only’ and ‘Clay Pigeon Shoot’.

The film cuts to a road sign that reads ‘Raby Castle’. The camera pans right showing policemen directing traffic through the main gates of Raby Castle or along Keverstone Bank.

Just inside the main gates a temporary road sign reads: ‘Auto Park Ltd. Please Have Correct Money Ready. Cars 50p’.

Inside the grounds of Raby Castle attendants direct traffic towards a grassy field that is being used as a car park. In the distance can be seen rows of parked cars.

General view of parked cars and people walking towards the fair. Raby Castle can be seen in the background.

A large directional sign points visitors towards various attractions including ‘Game Farmers Row’ and ‘Gunmakers Row’. Behind the sign hanging near an exhibition tent is a sign for ‘Lyons Maid’.

General view of a CLA (Country Land & Business Association) directional sign pointing visitors towards fourteen different attractions. In the background visitors walk past a number of exhibition displays including one for ‘Vale of Mowbray’.

General view of a row of exhibition marquees with visitors looking around or walking past. The largest tent has a large sign hanging above it that reads ‘Fine Scottish Knitwear. Murray Bros.’

General view of a crowd walking around the exhibition site.

General view of another series of exhibition marquee’s for ‘Belstaff’, ‘Queen of Leicester’ and ‘The Sledmore Gallery’. Raby Castle can be seen in the background.

General view of Raby Castle with pedestrian walk along a path beside it.  The camera pans right towards a field where a man fires an arrow at a target.

More views of exhibition tents with crowds looking around them. Signs above a number of stands read ‘Oliver J. Gower Ltd’ and ‘BSA Guns Ltds’.

The film cuts to a large sign that reads ‘Gunmakers Row’.

Inside an exhibition marquee a man looks at a display of three rifles in a cabinet.

General view of Raby Castle.

The film cuts to views of a number of service marquees with cars parked out front. Above each one are signs identifying them as ‘Game Fair Secretary’, ‘Services’, ‘Medical’ and ‘Police’. Two policemen stand in the entrance of the ‘Police’ marquee.

General view of more service marquees with signs about their entrances that read ‘Border Securities’, ‘Programmes’, ‘Game Fair Information’ and ‘Press and Public Telephone’. A number of cars are also parked alongside.

Inside a marquee stand three policemen and two men in civilian clothing. One of the policemen is holding a walkie-talkie radio.

A small boy sits beside a desk behind which a policewoman sits. There is a red telephone on the desk and a policeman sitting at the side of the desk.

Three members of the St John’s Ambulance stand in the entranceway of the ‘Medical’ marquee.

The film cuts to a large crowd seated on a hillside overlooking a pond.

General view of another CLA directional sign.

A number of people stand underneath another large sign that reads ‘Meeting Place’.

Three firemen stand beside a Durham County Fire Brigade fire engine.

A sign attached to a post reads ‘Special Car Park’.

The film ends with a policeman on horseback walking past.