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YFA 5631



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This short film by Eric Hall takes a look round the CLA (Country Landowners’ Association) Game Fair held at Raby Castle, County Durham, in 1972. Along with various stalls offering equipment for country pursuits, there are demonstrations of clay pigeon shooting, fishing, archery and falconry.

Title – Game Fair 1972, by J. Eric Hall

The film opens with a pamphlet for the CLA game fair, various postcards showing rural scenes and wildlife, and a copy of Shooting Times & Country Magazine.

On a sunny day, a woman crosses a village green carrying a camera, and begins to film from a small bridge. In the grounds of Raby Castle, crowds of visitors are gathered on the banks of the river and various dogs on leads are seen.

At a clay pigeon shooting demonstration, men line up with guns, while another operates the clay pigeon thrower. Patrons walk around with shotguns over their shoulders and spent cartridges are seen in the grass.

A range of taxidermy is on display at a stall, including a pheasant and other birds. Visitors are seen perusing the vendors’ merchandise, including stalls for Herbert Johnson, civil and military hatters, and Clarksons of Hawick, knitwear and tweed merchants. Further stands offer shoes, brooms, hand painted leather goods and fishing rods.

Men are seen fishing on the banks of the river while spectators look on. People eat and drink from a bar in a tent.

A man in leather falconry clothing holds a bird of prey and addresses the camera. An archery display is given and visitors have a go with simple bows.

Further shooting demonstrations are seen, of woodpigeon and springing teal layouts. Instructors offer guidance to the shooters.

Fishing experts are seen giving a casting demonstration from a short jetty in the river. The film ends with a view of a small folly in the castle grounds.

Title – The End