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YFA 3146

GALA '70


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Filmed by Rev. Underwood, this film documents the annual gala in Carleton-in-Craven in 1970. It includes footage of the floats and festivities including a fancy dress competition.

Title - The Procession is got ready!

Many men and boys from the church help to set up for the Gala in the church yard.

Title - H. Bottomley, esq. in charge

There is more preparation including setting up tents, bushels of hay, and courses for field games.

Title - Procession forms up

Those who will take part in the procession, sporting a variety of costumes, gather in the street and wait for it to begin on the very windy day.

Title - Gala '70 is on!

The Gala procession begins with the marching band followed shortly by the Queen's float. The procession goes through the town ending in the church yard where there are many games and rides set up including donkey and horse rides for the younger children.

Title - Councillor and Mrs. Lockyer consider their verdict

After judging the competition, fancy dress awards are handed out to the winners. And in a nearby tent, the ladies of the church set up their tea, coffee, and various desserts.

Title - The prize winners

The winners come to collect their prizes from the Gala Queen.
People are playing various carnival games, there is a girls football match, races, and a men's game of tug-of-war.

Title - Night Falls on Gala Day 1970

There is a small bonfire and volunteers begin to clean up and disassemble the carnival stands before sunset.

Title - 8080 Dancing to Beresford's Band

People of the parish of all ages are dancing in the church recreational room to the band.

Title - The End