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YFA 2642



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This excellent film chronicles Fylingdales on the East Coast of Yorkshire, especially Robin Hoods Bay and Ravenscar.  It shows the coast and country as well as local life and leisure.

Title – Between Whitby and Scarborough is Fylingdales

This title opens the film over a map of east Yorkshire which homes in on Fylingdales.  The film shows the coast and the rolling country hills.

Title – To the South is Ravenscar

The film shows views over Ravenscar, the bay, and coast.
Title – The cliffs curve to the north

There is a panoramic view of the bay.

Title – The beach is unique

The film shows the beach when the tide is out, from distance and up close.

Title – A Rock Formation with pools

A variety of different rock pools are shown up close.

Title – And fossils

A woman picks up several fossils to show to the camera.

Title – And all Kinds of Sea Life

There is a selection of the sea life including crabs, lobsters, starfish, and algae.

Title – Inland are shady woods, valleys and streams

A view over a valley is followed by a man and a woman emerging from a wood where a group of women are walking near a stream.

Title – Wild flowers flourish

Bluebells, holly and other wild flowers are shown.

Title – All about are prosperous farms

In the valley, there are several farms with goats and pigs.

Title – Farm work is at hand

Three men and a woman stack hay in a field, and the hay bundles are loaded onto small carts which are pulled by horses.

Title – But there are relaxations

There is a village cricket match at Fylingdales Cricket Club.  Someone is out, and the score board is changed.  During lunch, spectators have tea and sandwiches, and the action continues after lunch. 

A group of people on horseback ride down a country lane.  A poster advertises ‘Thorpe Sports’ for Monday 1st August 1955, and then another one on Middlewood Lane, for Monday 2nd August, 1954.  People buy their entrance ticket for the event.  One woman looks through a programme, before we see a boy’s high jump.  This is followed a wheel-barrow race, a boy’s sack race, and a women’s egg race.  A sign shows teas for 1/6d, and people queue for tea and some have wafer ice creams.  There follows a ‘terrier trap race’, although the terriers aren’t set off from traps, but from their owners.  The dogs chase a soft toy which is pulled along the field using a bicycle wheel.  Next is a competition with horses whereby four horses race to a central point, followed by a slalom on horseback.  A close up of the programme for horse events shows a potato race, a bending race, a musical ride, a variety race and an open gallop.  The potato race is shown whereby the horse rider has to put potatoes into a bucket whilst riding, and then the open gallop.

Title – The railway chuffs round the bay

On a sunny day a steam train sets off from Ravenscar Station and is shown along the journey until it reaches Fyling Hall Station which is covered in flowers.  As the train pulls out of the station, the Station Master hands something to the guard.  The train arrives at another station.

Title – The station for the bay town

A large group of people disembark from the train at Robin Hood’s Bay, and there is a sign pointing to the local YHA.  The local village is shown with a truck passing through, and captured is a view over Robin Hood’s Bay.

Title – Snuggling in a cleft in the cliffs

Another view over the village shows Robin Hood’s Bay with both the sea and the surrounding countryside.  People walk up and down the steep main street.  There is a sign for the ‘Old forge Handicrafts’ shop.  Lots of visitors wander around the shops including one called ‘Fielding’s.’

Title – Once a busy fishing village it now relies on visitors

A large group of people, with boys carrying towels, make their way through the village.

Title – The street names are quaint’  A sign for ‘Sunny Place’, ‘Tommy Baxter Street’, ‘Jim Bell’s Stile’, ‘Brig Garth’, ‘The stocks’’ Tyson’s Steps’, ‘The Openings’

Title – The streets even quainter

A horse pulls a cart up a steep street, and some of the narrow back lanes and steps can be seen.  A house on the cliff top has partly fallen due to erosion of the cliff, and other houses and cottages are shown.

Title – Artists find much of interest

Several people draw and paint local scenes.

Title – The visitors too

A man has a chuckle over some Bamforth post cards.  People are gathered around a grocery shop, and a man lays out some items on the bonnet of his car.  This is followed by two wall carvings, one of a woman knitting, another of a man with one hand.  Down by the sea it is packed with visitors.  One man has a stall by the sea with small potted plants that look like they are made out of shells.  On the beach children have donkey rides, there are ices, tea, people playing cricket, children pushing out a boat, a man painting, and children with buckets and nets.

Title – A lovely place. – Where tile roots rise to the hills – And where a little world is site in the silver sea

The film closes with a trip to Robin Hood’s Bay, and the cameraman shows many views of the picturesque seaside village such as the many windy streets and little cottages which rise up above one another on the hilly coastline and the beach with its rock pools.