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YFA 435



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This film is from the John Murray collection and contains unedited footage that was taken at a clothes shop in Dewsbury. The shop also had a work room where clothes were made and the film contains interview with the designer, Alison Cawkwell (11 the Drive, Manston Park, Carlinghow Lane, Batley) and the shop's financial backer is also interviewed. The clothes were sold in Leeds and London.

Film begins with a boy holding a clapper board and marking in the camera. A young woman walks down the road in the direction of the camera. She looks in the window of a clothes shop called `Funny Wonder'. She goes inside and browses through the racks and shelves of jackets, dresses and skirts and then she goes upstairs.

Another woman is working on a sewing machine and the first woman talks to her; she walks over to a desk and begins to sketch on a notebook with a pencil. The scene ends but a moment later is a shot of the clapper board being held up beside her for another take. This is followed by a long interview between the designer and an unseen interviewer. The designer holds up pieces of fabric, draws sketches, and holds up a jumper that she previously made,

A young man is then interviewed although he only talks occasionally.

The designer is positioned beside racks of clothes and the interviewer talks to her for a very long time. Then the clapper board is positioned in front of the guy and he talks to the unseen interviewer.

The following shots are taken outside the shop where the interviewer is this time seen to be talking to another man; there are several shots of the clapper guy marking in a shot.

The next shot opens with a clapper board and then shots of the clothes maker working on the sewing machine; there are many lingering shots of her sewing the hem of a skirt.