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This is an informative film about the new Cecil Theatre which was opened on 28th November, 1955.  The theatre was built to take the place of the old Cecil which was destroyed by enemy action during the Second World War in May, 1941.  The film is told from the perspective on an audience member.  It also includes footage of the projectionist at the Cecil theatre showing how films are loaded onto the projectors as well as the “change over” during the interval.  May 1941. 

Title – This film was awarded The Gatebeck Trophy 1967. PJR productions present.
Full House.  Made with the kind cooperation of Mr. Brinley Evans… Chairman & Man. Director of Hull Cinemas Ltd.  A special thank you to the projection room staff of the Cecil Theatre.  Commentary spoken by Mr. G Stockton.

A fire burns in the work site across from the Cecil theatre.  There is a shot of the exterior of theatre building.  Plaque on the wall:  This foundation stone was laid by the Lord Mayor of Kingston Upon Hull councillor H.W.Jackson J.P. On Thursday the 26th Day of April 1955. The building replaces the Cecil Theatre destroyed by enemy action on the night of 7th May 1941.

Inside the lounge bar, people are seated at tables having their meals. The waitress serves people at their tables as a couple looks over their menu.  Hanging on the wall are three gold lion heads.

Sign - These Lion’s heads were part of the original Cecil cinema which was destroyed by enemy action on May 8th 1941
Crest with two lions standing on a column 1955 Architecture Medal R.I.B.A.

A man in a grey suit sits at a long board room desk. The man works on papers and answers the telephone.   Two gold fish swim in a round bowl. The fronts of the theatre windows are decorated with a Christmas tree display (Dorchester).   Inside the foyer, members of the public queue to buy tickets from the booth. 

Inside the projection room two technicians in white coats prepare the large projector for the screening.  Audience members walk up the staircases to their seats.  A man wearing glasses, a black suit, and bow tie sits at a desk in an office sorting paper work.  The audience sit in their seats in the theatre and a woman walks along the isles selling confectionary.  A coal fire burns behind a fireguard.

Following exterior shots of the Berkeley theatre, a technician in a white coat watches the screen through the small window in the projection room and checks the equipment.  A man with glasses and a brown suit sits at a desk in an office.  He sorts money into small envelopes.  The coal fire burns behind a fireguard.

Following an exterior shot of the Cariton Theatre, a technician, dressed in a white coat, laces up the projector with film.  The projectionist laces the film up on a winding bench to rewind the film.  A bald man sits in an office going over paper work.  The coal fire burns in the room with the two goldfish in a bowl on the table.

Inside the Criterion theatre is a ring of lights on the red ceiling of the foyer.  Here, members of the public gather to buy tickets as audience members leave the theatre.

Illuminated lights at the Cecil theatre.  A couple enter the theatre and buy tickets at the booth (Circle 6/. 5/.)  The couple link arms and walk up the stairs to the theatre.  In the projection room a man mops the floor as two men clean and repairs the projector.  A man with glasses sits in one of the theatre seats.  In the projection room, a technician switches on three large machines, and inside the theatre, a variety of coloured lights turn on.  A technician loads a film reel into the projector.
Members of the public enter the theatre.  Two men in tuxedoes stand in the foyer talking.  More people enter the theatre.  A man plays the organ on a platform.  The platform is raised up in front of the state in the pit area.  Members of the public buy tickets at the booth inside the foyer, and the audience queue up at the confectionary counter.

The audience walk up the stairs to go into the theatre.  Sign Circle, pictures of famous actors and actresses hang on the walls.  The audience give their tickets to the usher before entering the theatre.  The usher puts the ticket stubs onto a piece of thread with a needle.  The audience walk along the aisles to their seats as a man plays the organ in front of the stage.  A technician opens the hatches in the projection room and turns on the projector.

Sign - Rectifiers Keep this door locked

A large blue bulb pulses with energy and light.  A couple sit in their seats lighting a cigarette as others walk through the aisles to their seats.  The technician looks at the clock in the projection room which display 7:00pm.  He nods and starts the film.  The curtains open across the stage to reveal the screen.  The reel of film spins through the projector, and the technician watches the screen through the hatch in the projection room.  The audience laugh at the film.

In the foyer a man in a uniform and hat changes all the seating indicators to Full.  The technicians monitor the projectors as the film is screened.  The technicians press the “Changeover” buttons on one of the projectors as the other technician begins the next reel on the other projector.  The used reel is unloaded and taken to a winding bench to be rewound.  On the screen, adverts are projected through the interval as the audience buys products from the woman with the box of confectionary.

Outside the theatre the letters on the illuminated sign are being rearranged.  The technician monitors the film as it runs through the projector and through the hatch to the screen in the theatre. At the end of the film, the curtains are drawn across the stage and reopened to show an image of the Queen.

The audience gets up from their seats to leave as cleaners come in to tidy the theatre.  A record is playing and being projected into the theatre.  The audience leaves the theatre building.  A technician takes the used reel and loads it onto a winding bench to rewind the film.  He then places the reel of film into a can and places the can with the other cans of film in boxes.  The audience members file out of the theatre.
Title – The End. A P.J.R production.