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YFA 708



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This film was taken during a school trip to Saint Malo, France. The film includes views of the walled city and the surrounding area.

The film opens with a view from outside the city walls and then views from the highest point in the city. The students of Newfield School are using a tourist bus as their transportation and travel down the road towards the town. On the side of the bus a sign advertises: Voyages St. Malo Pansart France.

Inside the city, the students walk around the narrow and winding streets. Many people can be seen exploring the city as well as shopping. The students and chaperones make their way up a large stairway to another of the tourist sites. From here areal views are taken of the surrounding area.

On the beach, the students play football and the chaperones climb on the rocks nearby. Some of the boys can be seen waiting outside the Hotel Beau-Rivace while everyone loads back on the bus. The day out involves a trip to the seaside where they wonder around and enjoy the scenery.