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YFA 1438



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This film is part of the Hull Maritime Museum Collection. Made by the Port of Hull and using a commentary, the film gives an overview of the trade and passenger service between Hull and Gothenburg.

Titles: British Transport Docks Board - a Port of Hull Film - Freight Flow

A diagram shows the sea route between Hull and Gothenburg, on the England Sweden Line. The commentary explains that Hull handles 20% of British imports and 40% of its exports with Scandinavia. It goes on to elaborate the nature of the trade. The film then switches to the Valor works in Birmingham where oil stoves are being made. Women are seen packing the stoves. Other components are loaded onto containers taken to Hull for Gothenburg, not to be opened until their arrival in Gothenburg. The lorry carrying the container arrives at King George Dock, Hull. The container is unloaded off the lorry. The various parts of the dock are shown, including goods that arrived from the ship 'Spero'. Inside the new transit shed men are checking the items stored there. The commentary explains the mechanised handling of the goods being loaded into a container. This is then put onto a low loader and taken to be put onto stools ready for shipment. It eventually gets loaded onto the Spero.

A man in a bowler hat, and carrying a briefcase and brolly, arrives at the modern Passenger Terminal, where he has a coffee in the caf? there. Back to the goods, which have been clamped into position on the ship and the doors are locked. The Spero is then shown moving off. On board the brolly man inspects his accommodation. The ship makes its way across to Sweden, steered by a young officer. Passengers lay out on the sun deck and play games. The other facilities offered by the ship are also shown, such as the Calypso Lounge. Passengers dine on board.

On arrival in Gothenburg the passengers disembark and the goods are unloaded, including drums of oil. The terminal at Gothenburg is shown, and the film finishes showing models of the Spero and her Swedish sister ship crossing each other on their journeys.

The End