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YFA 3714



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Part of the Freeman collection, this film features footage of a trip to the Yorkshire Dales in 1949, Bolton Abbey, Blackpool 1949/1948, Leamington, Stratford on Avon, Chester 1946, and a Reunion at Devonshire Hall, Leeds in 1952.

Title - A Tour through the Yorkshire Dales June 1949 Photographed by H. Freeman

Title - Bolton Abbey

A couple walks through the grounds at the ruins at Bolton Abbey. The ruins, bridge over weir, sheep on bridge, and views of the countryside as taken from a car can be seen. The car drives past Rose and Crown, there are shots of the town, and those on the day out have a picnic in the countryside. Following this are shots of the waterfalls at Aysgarth Falls.

Title - Reunion 1952 Devonshire Hall Leeds

The exterior of Devonshire Hall and its gates can be seen. People are gathered outside, and cars pull in drive way. A large group of people gather on the steps of the hall, and after which, tour the grounds.

Title - Blackpool

The family exits the house, there is a brief shot of an ice cream stand, and there are shots of Blackpool taken from the top of its famous tower. The tourists come down the elevator, and the family make their way around town near Roof Gardens Ascent. They continue walking along the seafront and along the pier. Other holidaymakers can be seen as well as many of the fairground rides. The little girl and her mother go on one of the rides, and after which, the father carries the little girl up some steps near the beach.

Title - Leamington

The famous water fountains can be seen as people walk through the nicely landscaped gardens.

Title - Stratford on Avon

There is footage of the river and bridge as well as the buildings along the embankment as the family sail on a boat down the river. There are also close-ups of some of the family members on board.

Title - Chester

This section opens with a shot of the church tower followed by footage taken on the City of Chester Queens Park Bridge. There are many people making their way across the bridge, and there are further shots of the river as well as different parts of the city centre.

Title - The End.