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YFA 3633



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This film shows Susan's school trips to the Lake District, London attractions and Windsor. In the Lakes the children visit many National Trust sights. Susan does not appear in the footage although the sights that she takes in are captured along with a boat ride on the River Thames.

School children cross the river along a series of stepping-stones in Ambleside and walk towards Stockghly waterfalls. Surrounding mountains and people walking in fields over looking lake Windermere. The group of children stop at a stone bridge. The children visit Jenkins Crag, which looks out over a lake where many boats pass by. The children visit Woodsworth Cottage and Castleridge Stone Circle. The children dance around the stone circle. Lodore hotel and Bowder Stone. The children play underneath a bridge and waterfalls. Mountains overlooking lakes with waterfalls streaming down them. The group sit down next to a lake for sandwiches. The Tarns have forestry. The children visit Hawkshead church and cemetery. The children take a boat ride passing Waterhead and Ambleside.

'Tour of London' - The children board a train and wave to people standing on the platform. On the train the children write in books and read. The children board a boat and sail down the river Thames passing Big Ben, and statues and pass under Waterloo Bridge. St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Tower of London are also passed on the boat trip. The children then visit Buckingham Palace were they pass guards in their uniforms and bear skin hats. They stay to watch the changing of the guards where large crowds gather. The group stops for drinks and then visit 'Bloody Tower' and on to the Tower of London where they can spot Tower Bridge.
The children go to the swimming baths where they jump into the water and dive off the board. The children run around on the field playing games together. The boys play separately form the girls. The children pass the Thomas Grey plaque. The children visit Windsor Castle and they take photographs. Guards outside are marching. At the top of Windsor Castle the children gather and view the scenery, which includes forests and rivers. On a river there are men rowing boats. The children are on a coach and pass an airport where a plane begins to take off. Men on horses are wearing uniforms and march down the street where many people are gathered. Other men in uniforms march, some carry instruments and flags.
The children walk together towards Hampton Court Place where they walk around the grounds and see water fountains. They walk through bushes and see statues of lions. They walk past a theatre where 'Knights of the Round Table' is being played at Piccadilly.