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YFA 3631



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This amateur footage shows Susan and Robert from the Freeman family as they grow up between 1941 and 1961. The family take many trips together to beaches in Scarborough, London Zoo, Flamborough, Sewerby Park, Desborough and Wickstead. In addition we see the family in their local neighbourhood of Savage Road, Westridge Road and Bridlington. Also on this film we see a Cine Club meeting and the members using cameras to capture people's facial expressions.

Robert is riding his tricycle down the street when he is met by Susan in her school uniform. Susan goes into the garden and picks up her tortoise, stroking his shell. The two children play together in the garden and are both eating lollipops. Susan and Robert's mother hangs out her washing next to a variety of flowers growing in the garden.

Susan rides her bike down the road and is met by another young girl. They cycle together and park their bikes in a shed. They walk together to their school playground where they are joined by other girls and start playing games together.

Susan helps her father put up a tent in the garden as Robert plays on his tricycle. Susan puts on her roller skates and zooms up and down the street as Robert tries to catch her.

The family have taken a trip to London Zoo and walk around looking at the different animals. Susan and her mother walk hand in hand through the crowds of people where flowers line the paths. Animals they see include many bears such as polar bears. Susan and another young girl take a ride on a camel and other children ride an elephant. Monkeys, penguins, otters, llamas, tortoises, zebras, tigers, giraffes and raccoons. Many birds such as parrots and eagles. The crowds are feeding an elephant in his enclosure and Susan reaches out to give it an apple.

The Cine Club inter title informs people of the group's meeting time on a Thursday at 7:30. Medium shots of people pulling faces, laughing, smoking and using a camera. A man gurns at the camera.

The family take another trip to London Zoo where they visit other animals. Otters, giraffes, goats and rams, bears, seals, foxes, penguins, flamingos, pandas, birds, swans, elephants, monkeys, turtles, lions, zebra and pelicans. Whilst walking around the zoo many crowds walk along the paths, which are filled with flowers.

Intertitle: 'Susan's Story - Begins'. Susan's mother is lying in a hospital bed as Susan sleeps in a cot next to her. Susan is placed into a pram and pushed by her father out of the hospital as her mother walks beside them. Susan is at the family home and breastfeeding and sleeping. Members of the family come to see Susan and relax in the garden. Susan's mother and father take her for a walk in the pram along country roads. Members of Susan's family including grandparents take it in turns to hold her. Susan plays with toys and balls as she sits in her high chair.

Susan and her mother and father take a trip to Scarborough. Her mother holds her hands and walks her along the beach and her father carries her on his shoulders and bounces her up and down.

Intertitle: '1st year' Susan plays in the garden with a bucket and spade and crawls along the gorund. The family are on a day trip to the beach of Flamborough. As Susan's mother plays with her, her father sleeps on a bench. Susan is pushed very fast in her pram, which makes her laugh. Boats sail away from the docks as the family drink tea overlooking the sea. Susan's father gives her some of his drink as she sits in her pushchair. Susan plays on the beach with a bucket and spade, trying to build a sand castle. Susan crawls along on her bottom across the sand and then takes a donkey ride. Susan and her mother walk hand in hand along the beach and sea front as they pass crowds and the docks.

At Sewerby Park Susan's father plays with her on the greens and then takes her for a walk were they pass many flowers and crowds of people walking and riding in boats. Susan's mother looks out at the cliffs and the sea as Susan and her father explore together. Many people are on the beach as Susan and her mother sit together. Susan puts on her swimming costume and the family go down to the beach. Susan tries to walk and plays in the sand. The family enjoy a picnic, walk around the grounds and play on the swings.

Intertitle: '2nd year' Susan eats ice cream as she sits inside a car with her mother. She then plays with her toy pram in the garden and her mother plays with bubbles with her. The family take a trip to Desborough where they visit a park to play on the swings and roundabouts. The family stop to each ice cream together and then take a trip to the swimming baths. They then take a boat trip and Susan finds some ducks to feed.

At Wickstead large water ride comes towards them and then they go onto a large Ferris wheel. Susan and her parents all sit on a swing together. Boats are leaving a large dock as many crowds gather.