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YFA 3630



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This film shows members of the Freeman family in Bridlington. Gardens and family weddings are documented as well as trips to the hairdresser and model railway exhibits.

Members of the Freeman family walk down the street and one of the women pushes a pram. The family garden is filled with a variety of flowers in different colours. Another woman in a pink dress and black hat walks down the street with a pram, inside there is a baby sleeping.
Susan is in the garden playing with her mother, surrounded by a different variety of flowers. Grass fields containing a few cows and another with sheep.

A man dressed in a hat and coat walks along a path surrounded by trees. Outside a snowy church people arrive in cars and walk up to the doors. The bride and groom leave the church as people throw confetti over them, then they leave in a car. As the family pose for photographs outside the reception hall, the bride is not wearing a white dress but a dress suit.
Inside the reception the bride and groom cut the cake together before kissing their relatives goodbye and driving off.

Two women walk side by side in an open field, they then pass over a bridge and follow a path. The two women sit together and are joined by a man. One of the women tries to climb over a fence, which leads to a field with one horse. The three of them walk along the country lane together. They meet up with older members of the family along the walk as they pass a viaduct. The family get into their car that is parked at the side of the road and drive off.

On a picnic the family serve each other food and drink as they sit across from a large house. In the distance a group of people are playing field sports. The family explore the grounds and gardens. Several boys are walking down the road as others are cycling. At the coast the family look out onto the sea.

A parade through the streets of Desborough with many people in the crowd as they watch a marching band, maypole dancers, clowns and an elephant. Many children are dressed up and carrying banners as they lead another elephant through the streets. A float moves through the street with a large banner on the front that reads, 'St John for the service of mankind'. Behind the banner is a patient in a bed being tended to by the nurse. Many people are gathered at a fete as they watch people acting, having horse rides and playing darts.

A woman walks into a salon and sits down on the chair. On a tray next to her are several things laid out including combs and scissors. The hairdresser enters and removes the towel from the lady's head. He then sections off pieces of the woman's hair using a comb. The hairdresser then starts to cut the lady's hair by combing a piece through first before he brings the scissors to it. When the hairdresser has finished the woman sits in the chair revealing her new style.

A model train is on display with its wheels turning. The machine powering the wheels is placed in front of the train for people to look at. A large train set is laid out on a table with a train racing around it as a boy plays with the model. At Bridlington station a real train pulls up to the station's platform where passengers walk off and the train pulls away.

Sign: - 'Borough of Bridlington, North Marine Gardens Putting Greens, Open Daily from 9am to Dusk'.
The family play a game as crowds of people gather together. Outside there are several old buses lined up as well as cars.
A woman and her baby sit outside a church on a bench as a horse drawn carriage loaded with children passes by.
Along the sea front children and adults are playing games including croquet and cricket, while others go on fairground rides and walk round the hall of mirrors. Families buy ice creams and walk along the promenade or sit on the beach. Spectators watch as games of bowls are played on the greens. Hire boats are taken out on the water in large and small groups of people. Groups of people paddle in the sea as others hire out deckchairs and a large toy train takes children on a ride.

Families walk through the gates of Sewerby Hall and Park and take part in events such as archery and croquet. Couples walk around the gardens and pass a dove coop and many varieties of flowers.