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YFA 1698



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A film made by Bradford Technical College Photographic Unit to commemorate the freedom of the city ceremony awarded to the 272 (WRA) Field Support Squadron Royal Engineers (Volunteers).

Title - Bradford technical college AV Photographic unit presents.

Title - City of Bradford (crest).

Title - Conferment of privileges on the 272 (W.R.A.) field support squadron. Royal engineers (volunteers).

Title - In 1945, in appreciation of their glorious records and in recognition of their long and close association with the City of Bradford, the City Council conferred the freedom of entry of the City on the 70th (West Riding) field Regiment Royal Artillery (Territorial Army) and on the West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales' own). Due to reorganisation of the Territorial army, two new units have been formed from the officers and men of the former 70th (West Riding) field regiment - these are the West Riding Regiment Royal Artillery which is a small holding unit of key officers and men and the 272 (W.R.A.) field support Squadron Royal Engineers (Volunteers) which is an active unit of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Although one of these new units is now a squadron of Royal Engineers, its association with the West Riding Artillery is perpetuated in its title.

Title - Following the reorganisation, the City Council decided to extend to the Squadron - as a direct descendant of the Regiment - the same honour and privileges formerly conferred on the 70th (West Riding) Field Regiment and now enjoyed by the sister unit of the Squadron - The West Riding regiment Royal Artillery.

Title - The ceremony took place on Friday, 3rd October, 1969.

The film begins with exterior shots of Bradford Town Hall. An advertisement bill board for the Territorial Army. T.A Soldiers arriving at Bradford by bus, gathered at the bus stop, people walk past. A brass band assembles, and there is footage of the T.A Soldiers and crowds watching. A procession of the band followed by the Soldiers passes through the streets of Bradford to the Town Hall. We see the Town Hall clock tower. School children line the streets outside. The Procession comes to a halt outside the Town Hall. Views of the crowds.

Dignitaries walk towards the Town Hall and take their seats on a specially constructed podium outside the hall. Trumpeters announce the arrival of the Mayor who comes to the Town Hall steps. The Mayor walks among the Soldiers talking to them. He then gives a speech. There is a close up of the certificate to be awarded by the City Council. Three Soldiers receive the certificate in a wooden box. The Mayor gives a speech, the dignitaries raise their hats and the Soldiers salute. A procession of Military vehicles passes the Mayor. The Soldiers and band depart.

Lunch in the Town Hall is attended by the Mayor and dignitaries. A group of Soldiers are seen entering a building. Following this is footage of Bradford after the Procession has finished. The Soldiers march towards the camera. There are scenes of soldiers and dignitaries entering the Cathedral followed by interior footage of the service. The film ends with shots of the Mayor and his wife leaving the Cathedral.